I'm Melinda, I started sewing children's clothes as a creative outlet, my miss Molly is a complex medical child and sewing is just one of the ways I escape with some 'me time'. I never expected my hobby to turn into a business, it was just something I did to unwind, to make my daughter and friends some beautiful clothes.

I created a Facebook page so I could share what I was making with friends and family, to my surprise people started joining and following, before I knew it I was receiving requests for orders. More than I could take on sometimes haha, I was really quite surprised at the interested I received. I did custom orders for just over 6 months before playing with the idea of creating a website and here we are!


I just want to say a big thank you to all my followers and supporters for giving me the confidence to turn my hobby into a business, I can't wait to continue watching your children grow, I love receiving pictures of them wearing my creations.


Melinda xx